Vita-stress Multi-Vitamin Supplement 1KG


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For poultry, horse, pigs, sheep, cattle, goats, dogs, pigeons and cage birds
For addition to WATER or FEED to supplement diets where levels may be low

Vita Stress
Proteins (Amino Acids) are the most important nutrients in a supplement, the ingredients that enhance the working action of all the vitamins and minerals. In fact, there are 10 major amino acids that are essential to your animals. Most supplements have very few, less than adequate levels, or none. Grain ,hay and feed cannot provide enough protein for animals in performance and show conditions.
VITA STRESS contains all 10 major amino acids plus four more. And, what is very important, the amino acids are nutritionally balanced in high enough levels to enhance any feeding program.
Balancing minerals to the vitamins and proteins as well as to the normal hays and grains and feed is the real art of feeding. The right balance of minerals provides the structural materials for the growth of bones, teeth, tissues and regulates many of life"s processes.

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