Virbac Strategy T Oral Broad Spectrum Worm Paste for Horses 35ml

VirbacStrategy T


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Broad-spectrum horse worming paste that is effective in treating all major worms in horses including: • Large strongyles (Strongylus spp. Triodontophorus spp.) • Small strongyles including benzimidazole resistant strains (Cyathostomum spp.,) • Ascarids (Parascarisequorum) • Pinworms (Oxyuris equi) • Tapeworms (Anoplocephalaperfoliata) COMPOSITION: Each Strategy-T 30mL syringe contains: Oxfendazole - 9.1g Pyrantel Embonate - 7.0g DOSAGE: Dose at 1ml per 20kg bodyweight. Each weight marking on the plunger will deliver 5mL of paste, which is sufficient to treat 100kg body weight. Each syringe of Strategy-T treats a horse up to 700kg.

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