Virbac Founderguard 1kg


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FOUNDERGUARD reduces the risk of laminitis in horses and ponies when fed in conjunction with high grain diets. 

Recommended For:

  • Horses on high grain diets e.g. gallopers, pacers, eventers and show hacks 
  • Horses grazing lush pastures particularly during spring and autumn when sugar levels in pasture are high 
  • Young horses being prepared for sales e.g. high grain-low exercise animals 
  • Horses that have suffered from laminitis or founder in the past 
  • Horses undergoing a change in diet Horses with seedy toe, white line separation or poor quality hooves


  • FOUNDERGUARD® should be administered at the full daily dose for at least 3 days prior to any dietary change that involves an increase in grain (starch) or pasture (sugar) intake. 
  • FOUNDERGUARD® is presented as a palatable lucerne-based pellet. It can be fed alone or mixed into a feed.

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