Virbac Feramo + Chromium 2.5kg


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Virbac Feramo With Chrominum horse performance vitamin is an essential daily vitamin and mineral supplement with chromium to assist muscle development for high performance horses. Vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement developed for performance horses. 

  • Helps to maximise growth, energy and performance 
  • Use to maximise breeding potential 
  • Improves coat condition 
  • Promotes inner health 
  • Australia’s first nutritional supplement for horses

Recommended For:

  • Yearlings during sale preparation 
  • Horses in the early stages of training 
  • High performance athletes – including racing, eventing, show jumping and dressage horses 
  • Horses that have trouble holding their condition during training, racing or competition


  • Mix into feed daily. Introduce at ¼ to ½ the recommended daily dose rate, increasing gradually to the full dose rate over 7 - 10 days. A graduated scoop is provided.

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