TuffRock K9 Mud 600g Volcanic Mineral Exfoliater for Dogs



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Ingredients: 100% organic volcanic minerals 

K9 Mud is for animal use only, classified GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) 100% organic, non-toxic and non-hazardous to dogs or people.

Exfoliator Instructions:

  1. Extra room allowed in the TuffRock K9 mineral mud bucket to add water and stir the mix approximately 8 times into a thick hair conditioner type consistency

  2. Shampoo as normal and water rinse as normal

  3. While hair still damp...simply wipe on K9 mineral mud with hair, wipe once against hair

  4. Wipe again with hair,wait approximately 2 minutes not allowing K9 mineral mud to dry

  5. K9 mineral mud can be dampened again for longer lasting action

  6. Rinse off with water before K9 mineral mud dries

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