TuffRock EJF Equine Joint Formula 2.5 kg



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Tuffrock EJF is a powerful all-in-one natural feedstuff for horses made from the world's first energised volcanic minerals with available collagen that supports synovial joint fluid, cartilage structure, bone density plus ligaments and tendons. The world's first joint + coats + hooves + digestive health, a treat that looks like breadcrumbs, smells like salt & vinegar chips and horses of all ages really love the taste.

Feeding at the recommended dosage can result in:
  • The Collagen Effect - the key ingredients are a fine blend of alumino-silicates designed to support the generation of Collagen types I, II and III. These are the building blocks (amino acid glue) that help make-up skin (show condition shiny coat, mane, tail & hoof); connecting tissues (muscle, ligament, tendon & mucosal linings for performance); and recovery after work; this assists nutrient conversion plus added calcium and collagen for skelletal density, legs, joints cartilage etc. Important in all horses fo healthy, supple joints.
  • Feed Conversion & Mucosal Linings - helps maintain healthy mucosal linings on the small intestine and in the stomach. great for horse happiness and wellbeing.
  • Normal Healthy Gut Acid supports normal physiology and can also reduct the risk of typing up, ulcers or colic and supports the environment for gut flora to function properly. This effect plus EJF minerals feed the enzymes which help natural generation of synovial joint fluid and maintain healthy, supple joints.
Dosage: One 50 gram scoop a day per 350+ kg bodyweight. Conditioner Plus in the evening may be required around hard work to maintain normal physiology

Contains: Made from 100% Australian all-natural energised 3 and 2 dimensional volcanic colloidal minerals, blended with wheat bran and pollard.

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