Tuffrock Conditioner Plus 4L



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  • Conditioner Plus is the new all-in-one liquid feed additive that supports the generation of collagen, digestive health, feed conversion and overall well-being. It is fantastic for coat, mane, tail and hoof condition as well as Joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles PLUS mucosal linings.

    Conditioner Plus is highly recommended for Quarter Horses and all equestrian disciplines and indicated for use in world class horse preparation.  Supports horses in full work, horses recovering from injuries, horses with high stress susceptibility, horses with hoof problems, horses with joint problems and older horses in need of dietary support.

    • Worlds first energised colloidal volcanic minerals to support the generation of collagen, show condition from the inside - highly recommended for top-line, coat & hooves.
    • Supports collagen generation - Collagen is the key building block for connective tissues; skin, muscle, tendon, ligament, cartilage, bones, hooves; around vital organs and between vertibrae.
    • Essential for injured horses.
    • Even more powerful when combined with Tuffrock EJF (Equine Joint Formula)
    • Indicated for clinical use with race horses that are poor doers, teeth grinding, biting or difficult starters.
    • Supports feed conversion and may necessitate in a reduction of total bulk feed within 4 – 6 weeks depending on workloads.
    • No withholding period for racing.

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