Style It Slicker Brush Dog/Cat

Style It

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  • Universal style slicker
  • Long and short pins
  • Curved head removes more fur faster
  • Stainless steel hard pins are angled to grip the fur better
  • High impact plastic body holds up to rigorous professional use
  • Soft rubber grip insert makes it easier to hold on to even when wet

The Style It Slicker Brush is used to gently remove dead and loose hair from the undercoat, and tease out tangles.

Knots and matts are caused by unwanted hair left in the undercoat - regular use of the slicker will help prevent matting and reduce the need for professional clipping.

Removing dead lifeless hair will leave the top coat looking healthy and full of body and shine.

Use in conjunction with the Style It Knot Removers or Scissors for removal of sstubborn knots and tangles. 

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