Staywell Petsafe Deluxe Manual 4-Way Locking Cat Door - WHITE



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Control your cats movements with the use of the 4 way lock: in only, out only, opened and locked. The Manual Cat Flap is suitable for any door, wall or material and can be extended to any depth for wall fitting. Suitable for cats up to 7 kgs.

Product Features
- Suitable for all doors and can even be installed into glass
- The 4 way locking system lets you control how the door is operated
- You control whether the entry is in only - out only - open or locked completely
- Fitting guide
- The clear finish blends into your glass door

Model: 320EF

Suitable Pet Size: Up to 7 kgs

Pet Type: Cats

Max. Shoulder Width: 150 mm

Access Type: 4 Way Locking 

Fits Wooden Doors: Yes

Fits Glass: Yes

Fits Brick Walls: Yes

Fits PVC / Metal: Yes

Patio / Sliding Doors: No

Tunnel Options: Yes

Cut Out Size: 175 mm x 168 mm / 212 diameter circle in glass

Overall Size: 252 mm x 241 mm

Selective Entry: No

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