Staywell Petsafe Big Cat / Small Dog Pet Door WHITE 4 way locking


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Universal Fitting Fits Sliding Windows & Doors. See Through Rigid Flap & Clear frame 4 Way Security Lock Suitable for cats and small dogs up to 18kg (40Ibs).

Suitable for Single Glazed Units*

Overall Size: 292mm x 292mm (77 1/2" x 11 1/2")
Cut Out Size (Glass): 260mm diameter (10 1/2") diameter. (Single Glazed)
Pet Max shoulder width: 180mm (7 1/8")

For cats & Small Dogs - 4 Way Locking
Fits Doors - Wooden, PVC, uPVC & Metal, Walls, Glass - Windows & Patio Sliding Doors

* It is not possible to cut holes in toughened glass or double glazed units except at the time of manufacture. Please consult a glazier.

* Please be sure to check that the pet door you purchase is suitable for your needs prior to installation. If the pet door has been installed and you subsequently decide to uninstall and return it, this will void our return policy (except in instances where the product is defective).

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