Sprinter Gold Whelp 'n' Grow 500g Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Greyhounds

Sprinter Gold

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Bone Mineral, Trace-Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Breeding and Growing Greyhounds

An adequate intake of a wide range of nutrients is necessary for normal growth and development processes of unborn puppies in the in-whelp brood bitch, the quality of the milk and maintaining the health of the lactating bitch, as well as the growth of puppies after birth and as they grow from weaning. Although many complete dry foods contain a wide range of nutrients for pregnancy and lactation in brood bitches and development of growing puppies, if meat is included in the diet, then shortfalls in the meat portion may cause an imbalanced or inadequate intake of important nutrients, which can be corrected by a daily supplement of  Whelp n Grow™. 

Whelp n Grow™ is an innovative formulation to make up the shortfalls of a wide range of nutrients which have roles in normal growth and development, health and metabolism, as well as fertility in brood bitches and stud dogs. It contains acidified bone minerals for optimum uptake of calcium, trace-minerals in organic chelated proteinate form and coated forms of key Vitamins to help ensure optimum availability and stability of the supplement during storage and daily use, all in balanced proportions.

It is the only supplement available which is formulated to the latest NRC (2006) Nutrient Requirements for Dogs nutrient intake recommendations for pregnant, lactating bitches and growing dogs, including greyhounds.


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