Petsafe Staywell Dog Door Original Grey Small


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SMALL 2 Way Pet Door upto 7kg By Staywell

Colour GREY

Sick of getting up and down 10 times a night to let you dog out? the staywell 700 series original pet door does all this for you. 

The small dog door is suitable for dogs up to 7 kg, it designed to fit into your existing timber door with ease

 the size are Cut Out Size: 185mm x 158mm Frame Size: 236mm x 198mm Shoulder Width: 147mm 


Weather resistant flap 

Transparent rigid flap with magnetic seal 

Lockable security barrier 

White, brown or silver finished 

Small door: For cats and dogs up to 7kg 

Medium door: For dogs up to 18kg 

Large door: For dogs up to 45kg 

 System Includes 

Original pet door 
Locking barrier 
Transparent flap 

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