Petsafe Bark Control Indoor 2 Pack


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  • Uses Ultrasonic sound to deter barking
  • No receiver collar required
  • Activated either automatically by barking or manually
  • Easy to use, no external controls or settings to configure
  • Table top or hand held device Up to 8 metres range Operated by 2 x CR2032 lithium battery

PetSafe PBC17-14777 indoor ultrasonic bark control device can deter barking dog up to 8 metres away. This anti barking device emits a high pitch ultrasonic sound to stop the dog from barking.

How this work: 
When the PetSafe Indoor Bark Control unit is within 8 metres range of a barking dog, the built in microphone sensor picks up the barking sound. The unit automatically emits an ultrasonic tone that can be heard by dogs only. Startled by the high-pitched tone, the dog should stop barking. In time it will associate its bark with this unpleasant noise. When the dog stops barking, the ultrasonic tone also stops.

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