Passwell Factor Red 100g


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Factor Red is a concentrate powder containing a minimum 10% Canthaxanthin. Use as a dietary supplement to enhance red plumage of Red Factor Canaries and other red-coloured birds (eg certain species of softbills and finches that are prone to colour loss in captivity).

Directions: Make up as a stock solution which can be diluted with drinking water or mixed with soft food. To Make Stock Solution Add 25g Factor Red to 500ml boiling water, mix untill dissolved, then make up to 1 litre with more boiling water. Store in refrigerator. For Use in Drinking Water Supply before and during moult periods. Dilute 50ml of stock solution with 950ml boiling water to make 1 litre of drinking water. Make fresh daily. For Use in Soft Food Feed throughout the year. Add in soft foods such as Passwell Egg &; Biscuit and Passwell Finch Soft Food. Thoroughly mix 50ml of stock solution per 1kg of soft food offered. Prepare fresh daily. 

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