NV Pre-Ferrin 50ml

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PRE-FERRIN is a premium, fast acting, iron injection in a water base.

PRE-FERRIN provides a highly bioavailable source of Iron. Iron is essential to many body processes, particularly cell respiration and oxygen transport in haemoglobin. Increased demand for Iron occurs in many situations, from pregnancy & lactation, haemhorrage, parasitism, and increased red blood cell turnover demanded by hard training and racing or performance. Demand for adequate iron may not be met by the normal dietary sources. This can lead to iron deficiency causing fatigue, poor endurance and exercise tolerance, pale mucous membranes, decreased growth, anaemias and poor performance. 
Many racing and performance/working horses are in a borderline anaemic state due to the increased demands for iron during heavy exercise. 

Organic Iron compounds such as PRE-FERRIN are much more readily and efficiently available to the horse than the older style inorganic iron compounds. In addition, PRE-FERRIN is formulated for intravenous use for more efficient absorption and faster action. Oral iron compounds are not well absorbed, and can interfere with the absorption of other essential compounds. Being in a water base, PRE-FERRIN is non-irritant.

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