NV Energetic Isotonic Powder Pre-Race Drench 250g

Nature Vet


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Energetic Isotonic Powder is an isotonically balanced electrolyte designed to aid recovery from strenuous exercise and optimise energy supply

Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Magnesium, Sucrose, Calcium, Phosphourus, Maltodextrin, Triglycerides, Branch Chain Amino Acids, Antioxidants (Betacarotene, Vitamin E, Vitamin C), B Vitamins Actions 

Energetic Isotonic Powder :

  • provides balanced electrolytes, highly bioavailable energy supplements and antioxidants to improve recovery after hard racing or strenuous exertion. 
  • is the ideal pre-event energy source, and post-event, or recovery drench. 
  • is economical, and ideal for use with travelling horses, or those in very hot environments.
  • is formulated to provide the essential balanced electrolytes to maintain optimum body fluid composition and prevent dehydration. 
  • provides the readily available energy sources glucose & medium chain triglycerides
  • provides the biological antioxidants Vitamins C and beta carotene
  • provides the essential branch chain amino acids to replace damaged muscle tissue after severe exertion.

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