NRG Pro-tect Protective Barrier Cream 250gm


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The ‘go-to’ cream for cuts, lacerations, greasy heel, mud fever, and other skin complaints. This water-resistant cream has a sulphur base which has a wide range of health benefits for the horse. Sulphur is one of the most abundant minerals found in a horse’s body and, through absorption, helps detoxify cells, relieves pain, assists with collagen production to heal scars and improve skin health, and provides a natural block against parasites and allergens.

NRG Pro-tect is water-resistant and absorbs into the skin to withstand immersion from water troughs and the impact of rain for several days after application. The NRG Team and customers continue to have outstanding success with treating Greasy Heel and Mud Fever with liberal applications of NRG Pro-tect daily.

Key Benefits
Help Manage Greasy Heel and Mud Fever
Natural pain relief for minor cuts and abrasions
Help heal scars and improve skin health
Natural block against parasites and allergens

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