Mighty Raw Kangaruffs Kangaroo with Garden Vegetables Dog Treats 210g

Mighty Raw

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Mighty Raw is an Australian company that specialises in developing and manufacturing the highest quality Biologically Appropriate Pet Foods.
Australia has some of the finest raw ingredients in the world! Mighty Raw™ sources its core ingredients of real meats, fruits and vegetables from local ‘Aussie’ producers and regional areas such as the fertile lands of The Hunter Valley in New South Wales.

By duplicating the diet that dogs and cats would hunt for in the wild and delivering those ingredients in the optimum proportions, Mighty Raw™ is one of the most highly nutritional and natural 'grain-free' treat and pet food choices available in Australia.

By eliminating grains from all of our recipes, your pet gets more of what they instinctually need, without the health risks associated with a diet containing too many high-glycemic carbohydrate 'grain fillers'.

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