KONG Cushion Recovery Collar for Dogs MEDIUM



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The Kong Cushion, formally known as BooBooLoon, provides relaxing comfort for pets during recovery and its easy-clean material appeals to pet parents. This inflatable, air-cushioned collar for injuries, rashes, and post-surgery is fully adjustable. KONG Cushion offers better range of motion than a traditional cone and will not interfere with pets’ eating or drinking.

  • Comfortable recovery
  • Does not inhibit range of motion
  • Wipe to clean
  • Easy to wash and store
  • Fully adjustable

Sizing Guide:

Extra Small for Toy Breeds & Cats     Up to 6" / Up to 15cm
Small for Jack Russell & Sheltie     6" to 10" / 15 - 25cm
Medium for Border Collie & Spaniels     10" to 13" / 25 - 33cm
Large for Labrador & Golden Retriever     13" to 18" / 33 - 46cm
Extra Large for Rottweiler, Mastiff & Great Dane

To see how this works , click on this link to view a video

    18" & up / Over 46cm

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