Kohnke's Own Nutricart for horses 1.2Kg

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Kohnke's Nutricart 1.2Kg

A new generation joint supplement! 

The Nutricart® formulation has proven its effectiveness throughout the last 3 years in extensive field trials in both Australia and Overseas.
Nutricart® contains glucosamine hydrochloride as the major joint cartilage component.
Nutricart® is complemented with other nutrients which have a role in cartilage health and function which may be low or inadequate in common grain, chaff and hay mixes.
Low Dose – 20g maintenance dose delivering glucosamine and complementary joint nutrients.
Highly palatable natural fenugreek flavouring, low dust formulation with no ‘fishy’ odour.
Highly economical and effective!

Nutricart® is the optimum choice in joint supplements for all equine athletes and aging horses!

APVMA Listed Product Number: 64346

Handy Hint: Nutricart® powder has been formulated to provide a wide range of cartilage nutrients when supplemented on a body weight basis. For 500kg horses, the initial dose of 40g (2 scoopfuls) daily should be divided between morning and evening feeds for the first 4 weeks of supplementation. After this initial supplementation period, reduce the initial amount over 2-3 days to a daily maintenance supplement of 20g (1 scoopful).

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