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Kohnke's Own Mag E is an organic magnesium, vitamin E and Vitamin B1 supplement for horses. When your horse has difficulty in adjusting to training or new challenges, then its diet could be low in magnesium, vitamin E and Vitamin B1 necessary to maintain normal nerve and muscle function.  Mag E is the ideal supplement for working and travelling horses to provide a well absorbed form of magnesium, as well as essential Vitamin E and Vitamin B1 to help nerve and muscle function.  Mag E is highly palatable, with vanilla flavouring, to tempt even the fussiest of eaters.  1kg contains 66 x 15g doses.  Can be mixed into the feed or syringed over the tongue as a slurry. Ingredients: Mag-E contains: High Levels of Magnesium - a concentrated source of magnesium, with the majority provided by "organic" amino acid (yeast) chelate that reaches the absorption sites as an "amino acid shielded" complex for optimum absorption. Natural and Synthetic Vitamin E - corrects low dietary levels to ensure optimum muscle and nerve function. Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - to help make up shortfalls in the diet of working horses. Debittered yeast & other natural feed compounds to help maintain normal gastrointestinal function in working, travelling or competitive horses. Dosage & Administration: In the Feed: Mix 30g (2 scoopsful) into the evening feed prior to early morning exercise, or morning feed for afternoon exercise. Over the Tongue: Measure 2 level scoopsful into a cup.  Add 10ml of water and 20ml of cooking oil.  Mix to a paste consistency. Draw into a syringe and give the full dose over the back of the tongue 3 - 4 hours prior to exercise. A double dose is recommended each day for 3 days to correct dietary shortfalls of magnesium and Vitamin E, to help maintain proper nerve & muscle function.  A maintenance supplement can then be given, with double amounts for 2 days prior to travelling or competition.

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