Kohnke's Own Kleen Sheen for horses 1 Litre

Kohnke's Own

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Kleen-Sheen Shampoo is a high quality shampoo with a rapid, deep lifting foaming action that removes dirt, scurf and stains, but helps retain essential skin oils in the coat. It rinses out easily to leave the coat, including the mane and tail, soft and silky.

It also contains a mild conditioner that helps to restore coat vitality as well as maintain a soft texture and groomed appearance.

Kleen-Sheen contains a new type of colour highlighter that coats the hair to enhance the natural colour - it does not act to chemically dye or bleach the hair.

The results of Kleen-Sheen are obvious as soon as the coat dries- a smooth, soft feel with natural coat colours that are brighter and white areas that are whiter. The coat stays bright and clean for days, making grooming easy.

Kleen-Sheen also effortlessly removes stains on white socks, untangles manes and tails leaving them soft and easy to comb out.

Kleen-Sheen makes the race day or show day wash a quick and easy job!

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