Kohnke's Own Energy Gold 2litre for horses

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Every Golden Drop is Pure ENERGY

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Energy Gold is an innovative oil blend containing:

tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes A highly palatable source of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids in a 1 Omega-3 to 3.5 Omega-6 ratio to correct low or inadequate levels in grain and hay based diets for optimum muscle cell and natural anti-inflammatory function.

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tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes Vitamin E in a soluble stable oil form (3000iu/litre) helps protect Omega-3 fatty acids from rapid and destructive oxidation in muscle tissue during exercise. Energy Gold is the only Omega oil supplement boosted with Vitamin E. It helps ensure optimum utilisation of its Omega-3 fatty acids on grain and hay based diets that are naturally low in fat and Vitamin E.
tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes Pure garlic oil flavour helps ensure acceptance, increasing the overall palatability of the ration.

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Full directions for use on the pack provide guidelines on how Energy Gold can be used in a variety of ways:

cellvitalpremiumstar.jpg - 2151 Bytes As a ‘cool’ energy source in racing and equestrian horses – 125-250mL daily.
cellvitalpremiumstar.jpg - 2151 Bytes As a coat conditioner in racing and show horses and ponies – 15mL /100kg bodyweight daily.
cellvitalpremiumstar.jpg - 2151 Bytes As an Omega Oil supplement for all horses – 12-15mL per 100kg bodyweight daily.
cellvitalpremiumstar.jpg - 2151 Bytes As a coat conditioner to maintain healthy coats in donkeys of all ages. 15ml per 100kg bodyweight daily.



Pack Sizes: 2L pull up pouring spout cans – ideal for coat conditioning and travelling
                   5L pull-up pour spout cans – 2-5 horses
                   20L ‘gold’ drums with tap – the economical pack for larger groups of horses

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 More than just an Omega Oil Supplement!

Handy Hint: In show horses, sale horses or in horses with dry, brittle coats, a combination of Cell-Vital® or Cell-Provide® to supply copper, zinc, iron and vitamin, combined with a daily supplement ofEnergy-Gold for omega oils, will help to correct low or inadequate levels of these nutrients in the diet to help ensure optimum skin and coat condition.

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