Kohnke's Own E-SE Supplets 4kg for horses

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Kohnke's Own E-Se Supplement is a concentrated Vitamin E and Organic Selenium Supplement with Vitamin B1 and Magnesium for Horses

When you need to supplement vitamin E and organic selenium and be sure your horse at grass or on a hard feed gets the full dose without waste – then E-Se Supplets is the best choice!

E-Se Supplets contains Pink Supplet® Pellets Each 15g dose contains 1000 IU vitamin E, 1mg organic selenium, with 26mg vitamin B1 and 1.6g Magnesium.

All for around half the cost of a comparative vitamin E powder!

E-Se Supplets™ reduce wastage:

No sift-out – a problem with powders
No dust – a problem with powders.
No nutrient interactions with trace-minerals.
Can be added to wet or dry feeds.
E-Se Supplets are convenient – can be offered off the hand to horses and ponies grazing in selenium deficient areas without the need for a hard feed!

E-Se Supplets™ - Easy and Economical

Handy Hint: E-Se Supplets™ are the ideal cost effective supplement for all horses during training to help ensure an adequate intake of vitamin E and organic selenium, as well as mares being prepared for breeding – give 15g daily for 4-6 weeks prior to sending a mare to stud to be bred.

Dosage Rates (Daily):

Racing and Performance Horses
Early Training 7.5-15g
Full Training 15g
Pre-race 30g for last 2 days prior to racing.


Brood Mares                                                         
Pre-Breeding 15g
Late Pregnancy 7.5 - 15g
Lactating 15g


Growing Horses                                                    
Weanlings 15g
Yearlings 7.5-15g


Ponies - 225-300kg Body Weight                         
Light Work 3.75-735g
Moderate Work 7.5g


Miniatures - 125-150kg Body Weight                    
Light Exercise 3.75g
Pre-bredding, Pregnancy and Lactation 7.5g

Active Constituents (Amounts are per Kilogram of E-Se): 

Vitamin E (dl-α-tocopheryl Absorbate) 66, 666.67iu
Selenium (as Selenium Proteinate) 66.67mg
Vitamin B (as Thiamine Hydrochloride) 1733.33mg
Magnesium (as magnesium Oxide) 106.67g

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