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At last, there’s a supplement formulated especially for lightly worked equestrian and pleasure horses, ponies and miniatures

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Calcium, Trace-Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Horses and ponies


The 3 cold-pressed separate Supplet® pellets help correct shortfalls in common blends of 'cool' and lower energy feeds, chaff and hay... 

whitesupplet.jpg - 1055 Bytes White Supplet® Pellets – provides calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin A & D.
brownsupplet.jpg - 1468 Bytes Brown Supplet® Pellets – provides a full range of trace-minerals to supplement low or inadequate diets to help maintain optimum muscle, joint and skeletal strength.
yellowsupplet.jpg - 19906 Bytes Golden-Yellow Supplet® Pellets - provides essential vitamins for appetite, coat condition and vitality.

Its unique 3 Supplet® blend reduces WASTAGE from sift-out, dust and sludging in the feed bin.

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Contains bone minerals, trace-minerals and vitamins matched to the needs of lightly worked horses and ponies at an affordable price.

Cell-Provide® is palatable to even the ‘fussiest’ of eaters – in fact, most horses and ponies will take them off your hand-an easy way to supplement horses, ponies, miniatures and aged, retired animals at pasture.

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 Kohnke's Own have gone GREEN!!

Cell-Provide® is now available in a new 10kg Enviro-Pak. The Enviro-Pak is 100% recyclable, highly economical and perfect to refill your previous Cell-Provide buckets!

Pack Sizes: 1.4kg
                     10kg (Enviro-Pak).
Handy Hint: The economical Cell-Provide 1.4kg pack provides 23 full doses for working and aged horses and 46 doses (6 weeks!) for a pony – horses and ponies at grass can be given their daily supplement off the hand!

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