Kohnke's Own Cell Osteo 3.5kg for horses

Kohnke's Own


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Innovative formulation to help ensure strong bones and joints

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Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Vitamin A and Vitamin D Supplement for horses

Suitable for all horses in training – especially those on high grain and minimal lucerne based diets where calcium and magnesium is low or inadequate to meet daily needs. 

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2 supplet blend...
whitesupplet.jpg - 1055 Bytes White Supplet® Pellets – Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin A & D
brownsupplet.jpg - 1468 Bytes Brown Supplet® Pellets – range of full trace-minerals, including “chelated” (proteinate) forms for optimum uptake


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tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes Contains soluble and acidified calcium for optimum uptake and utilisation – it’s not how much calcium each dose contains – it’s the form of calcium provided that is important!
tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes Balanced calcium : phosphorus ratio – 2.7:1.0 in microfined limestone and dicalcium phosphate to help ensure optimum uptake to correct imbalances in all diets, plus magnesium and Vitamin A and D.
tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes Ideal for young race horses on high grain rations to provide bone minerals to correct low dietary intake as bones thicken and adapt to training.
tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes No dust, no sift-out, doesn’t blow out of paddock feeders or sludge in molasses.
tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes Mixes through grain rations-ideal for ‘picky eaters’.

  Cell-Osteo® is not an ordinary calcium supplement! 

Pack Sizes: 3.5kg

Handy Hint: Where extra grain is added to top-up energy in a ‘sweet’ feed or prepared grain mix, add 20g Cell-Osteo per 1kg grain to make up shortfalls in essential bone minerals.

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