Kohnke's Own Cell Grow 3.5kg for horses

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The ideal choice for all horse breeders...

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Concentrated Mineral, Trace-Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Breeding and Growing Horses

cellgrowellipse1.jpg - 25251 BytesHelps correct low or inadequate levels of bone minerals, trace-minerals and vitamins in the diets of... 
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Growing horses – Provides nutrients for body, bone and joint development.

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Pregnant mares – Maintains health of the mare and development of her unborn foal.

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Lactating mares – Helps ensure optimum milk content of essential minerals and trace-minerals.

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 Innovative 3 Supplet® Pellet

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White Supplet® Pellets – Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin A & D for bone minerals.

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Brown Supplet® Pellets – full range of trace-minerals, including organic or ‘chelated’ forms.

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Golden-Yellow Supplet® Pellets –all essential vitamins for health and vitality.

 A comprehensive supplement that provides the foundation for optimum bone and body development for young horses in their formative years

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Up-to-date nutrient levels for breeding and growing horses and ponies.

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Doesn’t sift-out or blow out of feeds.

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Palatable, even for foals, weanlings and yearlings of all breeds.

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Full recommendations on the pack to match size, age and diet types.

cellgrowellipse2.jpg - 20785 BytesHighly recommended for pregnant and lactating mares to ensure the development of sound and well grown foals where pastures and feeds are low in essential minerals and trace-minerals.

Note: On diets with no lucerne – a supplement of Kohnke's Own CAL-Xtra or dicalcium phosphate at 10g/100kg body weight, together with the recommended daily dose of Cell-Grow®, will help provide optimum calcium and phosphorus needs.

Kohnke's Own have gone GREEN!!

Cell-Grow® is now available in a new 10kg Enviro-Pak. The Enviro-Pak is 100% recyclable, highly economical and perfect to refill your previous Cell-Grow buckets!


 Pack Sizes: 3.5kg 
                   10kg (Enviro-Pak)

Handy Hint: Feed a daily dose of Cell-Grow from the 6th month of pregnancy in mares to provide essential copper, zinc, manganese, selenium and Vitamin A for joint development and liver storage in the unborn foal. Feed Cell-Grow as recommended to 24-30 months of age, then change to Cell-Vital orCell-Provide – ring 1800 112 227 or email adminjkp@bigpond.com for specific feeding advice.


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