Kohnke's Own BCS Powder 1kg for horses

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For the nutritional support of Collagen and Elastic Tissue in Exercising Horses...

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 Provides a source of supplementary nutrients that may be low or inadequate in the grain and hay based diets of horses necessary to maintain optimum strength, flexibility and resilience of collagen tissue in the lungs, tendons, and ligaments of racing and performance horses. 

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tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes Provides a wide range of organic trace-minerals, vitamins, and amino acids involved in the maintenance of collagen and elastic tissues subjected to overstretching and fatigue in exercising horses.
tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes Recommended to supplement the diets of gallopers, harness horses, polo horses, eventers, show jumpers, endurance and dressage horses in full training where collagen tissues are subjected to heavy loading and stretching forces.
tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes Highly palatable and dust free – sticks to the feed to avoid sift-out and waste.

Pack sizes: 1kg (40 x 25g doses)
                   2.5kg (100 x 25g doses) 

Handy Hint: Commence daily supplementation as directed about 3 weeks prior to the first trial or race to ensure an adequate intake of important nutrient co-factors for lung, tendon and ligament tissues.

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