KER Nutrequin 3kg

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NUTREQUIN  provides daily vitamin, trace mineral, essential amino acid and antioxidant formula suitable for all horses and ponies.

NUTREQUIN has been developed to assist horses that are NOT being fed pre-mixed feed or ar not getting the full ration of pre-mixed feed.  Nutrequin SE supplements Vitamins and Minerals to horseson home-mixed diets or horses on Pasture and hay only diets.

For Horses on a Calorie restricted diets NUTREQUIN  may be beneficial in ensuring that the horse or pony is meeting their recommened daily requirements of vitamins and minerals regardless of energy intake.

The daily addition of NUTREQUIN  may be beneficial for all breeds of horses and ponies in light to moderate work, spelling, breeding or those in the later stages of life for overall health and well-being.  Nutrequine may be used for the following:

  • To supplement diets where vitamin and mineral intake may be low, especially during times of low pasture consumption. 
  • To increase trace mineral and vitamin intakes when premixed feeds are used below recommended levels
  • To supplement ponies and horses on restricted-calorie diets 
  • To supplement horses and ponies who may have higher nutrient requirements such as aged, sick, growing, working or breeding 
  •  As a vitamin E and selenium supplement for horses kept on deficient pastures


Ponies & Foals - 30g
Maintenance horses, weanlings, yearlings, horses in light and moderate work - 60g
Broodmares, stallions, horses in heavy training  - 90g 

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