Kelato Zanobolic Concentrate 4.5kg



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ZanoBOLIC Concentrate is a lysine refined rice bran embryo extract supplement to aid in the development of lean muscle and stimulate the appetite.

The Benefits:

  • Build topline.
  • Improves muscle mass and definition.
  • Improves coat condition and colour.
  • Stimulates and maintains the appetite.
  • Easy to feed.
  • Highest concentration of all comparable products making it most affordable per dose.

How it works: ZanoBOLIC Concentrate is designed to target working muscles to assist in developing topline and condition. It works by stimulating and encouraging eating, particularly when combined with the effects on the body’s endocrine system this results in increased metabolism of fat and improved protein synthesis. The noticeable effects are increased weight gain, better topline and improved condition.

How to Use: Commence using ZanoBOLIC Concentrate when horses start training, and continue through the racing or competition campaign. ZanoBOLIC Concentrate has the best effect when all essential nutrients are available to allow for both growth, and increased nutrient demand seen with training and competition . Best results are seen with high level feeding and exercise, ZanoBOLIC Concentratecan be used safely with all Kelato Animal Health Product.

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