Kelato Revolve Oral Worming Paste for Horses 32.5g


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What is it?
Revolve rotational wormer is a new equine wormer to complement Evolve wormer and together provide a complete rotational worming solution. Chemical resistance is proven and increasing in Australia, it takes different chemicals to control different parasites. Revolve and Evolve makes rotation easy by providing a sustainable worming solution that minimises resistance and maximises animal and pasture health.

How will it help my horse?
Revolve contains two active ingredients, Morantel Tartrate and Oxfendazole.
Morantel acts on the nervous system of the parasites causing paralysis. As a consequence worm parasites are expelled from the gut, being unable to attach to the intestinal wall. The Morantel inRevolve is particularly soluble resulting in a high degree of efficacy.
Oxfendazole interferes with the metabolic pathways of adults and sterilises eggs within 24 hours of dosing, this reduces pasture contamination.

Revolve is effective against: 
–  Small Strongyles
–  Arterial stages of larval S. vulgaris
–  Tapeworm

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