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PulmonAID is a palatable feed supplement for use in the daily feed ration of horses, to aid in strengthening blood vessels in the lungs and breathing passages. Aids in the Strengthening of Cartilage, Capillaries and Blood Vessels in the Lungs and Breathing Passages.

Pulmonary haemorrhage or “bleeding” experienced by equine athletes following demanding physical exertion is a problem that has plagued the business of racing horses since its inception. It is primarily due to the escape of blood cells into the lungs from the capillaries where the exchange of gas occurs.

PulmonAID contains Lecithin (a source of inositol, choline and B vitamins), vitamin A, chlorophyll & calcium which help to maintain cell membranes and strengthen the walls of body cells and capillaries in animals. They also play a role in the correct functioning of mucous membranes.


After a horse has suffered a bleeding attack, spell it in the paddock for at least 8-10 weeks (at least 12 weeks after a severe bleed).

The very first day the horse comes back into the stable after spelling, commence feeding 60g (2 level scoops) per 450kg bodyweight per day of PulmonAID.

For the first 5 weeks of feeding PulmonAID the horse should not be subject to strenuous exercise. This allows the important nutrients in PulmonAID (Lecithin, Chlorophyll, Vitamins A, E & D3, Calcium, etc.) time to build up to sufficient levels to aid lung capillary wall strength.

Four days prior to each race or trial, increase the dosage to 120 grams per 450kg bodyweight per day (4 level scoops).

Where possible reduce the amount of dust in the stable and in the feed. Avoid swimming known bleeders. Make sure the horse is well warmed-up prior to hard work. When used in this manner, results have shown over an 80% success rate at helping to prevent a re-bleed.


Chlorophyll, Lecithin, Vitamin A 218,840 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 2,268 IU/kg, Vitamin E 109 mg/kg, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Succinate, Roughage Products.

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