Kelato Appetite 3.78L



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Kelato Appetite is a highly palatable cherry-flavoured supplement with a corn syrup base. Kelato Appetite also provides vitamin B-1 in conjunction with other B-complex vitamins and acetic acid to boost the appetite without the use of drugs.

Suitable for horses that are off feed, have a poor appetite or are picky eaters. Ensures horses will stay on their feed. The unique balance of slight acidity and sweetness plus cherry flavour in Kelato Appetite increases palatability. This ensures that even the pickiest of eaters and horses off their feed regain their apettites and start eating out of the feed bin almost immediately.

Directions for Use

  • Provide 30 ml with each feed until the horse is eating normally.
  • If necessary increase to 60 ml with each feed for three days until improvemerrt in eathing has occurred.
  • For problem horses administer 30ml by syringe over the tongue immediately prior to feeding for 3-5 days or until normal eating resumes.
  • Shake well before using.
  • Protect from freezing. 


  • Naturll cherry flavouring.
  • B Vitamin complex
  • Thiamine moncitrate
  • Acetic Alcohol
  • Artifical colouring
  • Corn syrup
  • N propyl alchohol.
  • Purified water.

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