Gigwi Snoozy Friends Cushion bed Koala 55cm x 45cm x 6cm for Cat or Small Dog


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Gigwi Snoozy Friends Koala Cushion is the ultimate in snuggliness and comfort. It is made from a super soft plush with decorative embroidered embellishments. The inside of the bed is also filled with the amazingly soft poly fibre offering a sumptuous and cosy lounging and sleeping experience. Cats, kittens, small dogs and puppies will relish a snooze in this beautifully crafted cushion. The base of the bed is non slip; ideal if placing the bed on a polished surface. The cushion has a plaited loop for hanging the cushion up, but I doubt it will be used as the cushion will probably be in constant use by one pet or another. Wonderfully light, this bed can be used at home or in the car for extra comfort on long journeys. After a hard days work or play, we know where your pet will be - snoozing happily, snuggled and content, dreaming of his day's adventures. Go on, spoil your pet. You know he deserves it.

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- Super Soft
- Non-slip base
- Beautifully crafted

55 x 45cm x 6cm approx


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