GiGwi Pet Droid Hide & Seek Dog Toy Memory Trainer



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Keeping your dog mentally stimulated is a great way to prevent unwanted and potentially destructive behaviours like chewing on furniture or your brand new pair of shoes.

The GiGwi Pet Droid Hide and Seek interactive toy is an innovative memory training toy for your dog. It is equipped with a release button that causes food to be dispensed when pressed by your dog’s nose or paw. As your pooch gets the hang of using the button, you can increase the difficulty level by hiding it in different locations around the home up to 40m away from the food dispenser.

Innovative, treat dispensing toy

Requires a button to be pressed, teaching cause and effect

Suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages

Operates on 3 x AAA and 4 x C batteries (not included)

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