GiGwi Pet Droid Feather Hider Cat Toy


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  • Motion activated sound and movement response
  • When the cat interacts with the droid, the toy plays a game of feather peek a boo with your cat – the feather pops up and down, in and out of sight
  • Makes engaging and exciting tweet and chirp sounds as the cat plays
  • The movement and sound combined provides excellent stimulation
  • The toy is made up of a durable battery operated base unit with a moving feather plume
  • Has 4 non-skid  feet on the base for stability while playing on the floor
  • The toy can also be mounted up high on the wall or a vertical surface to add extra challenge  (wall mount fixings are included)
  • When switched on the toy will activate randomly to attract the cat, it will go to sleep mode in 3 minutes if the cat does not play with it
  • Comes with a spare replacement feather plume
  • Uses 2 x AA batteries – batteries not included
  • Has a simple slide on/off switch

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