Equine Health Shark Net Joint Powder Concentrate for horses1kg

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Shark Net is a concentrated blend of Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate with MSM, Ascorbic Acid and Manganese. It is a highly palatable, non steriodal oral joint treatment, with high levels of bio-available Glucosamine and Chondroitin, supported by MSM, Manganese and Ascorbic Acid.


Dose Rate:

80mg/kg bodyweight. For an average 500kg horse, the initial dose rate is 20g (1 large scoop) mixed in feed twice a day for 25 days or until improvement in condition is noted. This dosage delivers 10,000mg Glucosamine, 4,000mg Chondroitin and 16,000mg MSM per day, along with synergistic levels of Manganese and Ascorbic Acid. A maintenance dose of 32mg/kg body weight may then be followed. Give 8g (2 small scoops) twice daily (16g per day) for a 500kg horse. This dose delivers 4,000mg Glucosamine, 1,600mg Chondroitin and 6,400mg MSM per day.

Prior to and during competition periods or periods of physical stress, or as required depending on severity of symptoms or condition, return to a larger dose rate.

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