Epi Otic Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats 237ml

Epi Otic

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Epi Otic Ear Cleaner 237 ml

Epiotic Ear Cleaner is formulated to soothe with its physiological pH (7.6) and lubricates the irritated ear canal, while docusate sodium optimises the removal of waxy material, cellular debris and dirt and gently and effectively dries the ear.


Epi-Otic may be used for routine ear cleansing in dogs and cats to maintain a healthy ear canal, by removing crusts and excessive cerumen.

A non-irritating ear cleanser, with SPHERULITES®Microcapsules, formulated to remove crusts and excess cerumin. Low pH, contains no chlorhexidine or alcohol. 

Labeled for use on dogs and cats of any age. Contains 2.5% lactic acid and 0.1% salicylic acid.

Safety directions.

For topical use only. Avoid contact with the eyes.

Directions for use Aim tip of bottle into ear canal and squeeze to apply solution, gently massage the ear. Wipe afterwards with cotton wool. Apply two to three times daily or as directed by a veterinarian. 

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