DOOG Gromit Dog Harness - Navy Blue with Red Chevron


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So hip and so handsome, this brand new retro design harness has a combo of pale blue, navy and red diamonds so looks great on both male and female dogs. Made from comfy neoprene with 2 adjustment points to snuggly fit any shaped dog.  They are also built for strength and durability and best of all, really comfortable for your dog to wear. Adjustable in 2 places, they are designed for all dog sizes and are available in 4 size ranges. 

These harnesses are also a great option for dogs who have sensitive skin as they are lightweight and don't rub. Neoprene material also contains an antibacterial agent and draws moisture away from the skin.

Size guide:

Extra Small: 
Webbing: 1cm 3/8"
Neck: 20-31cm 8-13"
Tummy: 23-37cm 9-14"
Breed Guide: Papillon, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua

Webbing: 1.6cm 5/8"
Neck: 26-40cm 10-16"
Tummy: 32-52cm 13-20"
Breed Guide: Scotty, Jack Russell, Terrier

Webbing: 2cm 3/4"
Neck: 34-56cm 13-22"
Tummy: 45-75cm 18-29"
Breed Guide: Spoodle, Schnauzer, Dalmatian

Webbing: 2.5cm 1"
Neck: 43-70cm 17-27"
Tummy: 60-100cm 23-39"
Breed Guide: Great Dane, German Shepherd

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