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The right harness adds comfort, support and assists in reducing 'pulling' when on leash. Some harnesses have a non-padded adjustable chest, some have a non-adjustable padded chest - DOGlite harnesses have both. With 3-way adjustability and a padded (adjustable) chest plate, DOGlite's offers a harness range which is comfortable, durable and doesn't need an instruction manual or PhD to fit. Simply step in, clip on, adjust once for fitting and you and your mate are on your way, every day.....and nite.

DOGlite harnesses also use a double d-ring leash attachment for extra strength and durability. Add the LED feature for low-light conditions and you have yourself a premium quality, all-in-one harness for all occasions.

Medium: 60-75cm

Large: 75-90cm

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