Chipsi Nesting Active 0.05kg for Small Animals & Parrots/Large Birds


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CHIPSI products give you the
following impressive benefits: 

  • organic fibre curls to play, gnaw and build nests
  • Promotes rodents' instincts to play
  • Provides a long-lasting activity
  • Practically dust-free
  • Easily digested
  • Prevents dental problems


Playing, nibbling – there are no limits to the small animal’s imagination with all that CHIPSI NESTING ACTIVE offers. With CHIPSI NESTING ACTIVE your animal has every incentive to play to its heart’s content.

Your pet will feel wonderfully snug! CHIPSI NESTING ACTIVE – this is pure nature, because it derived from softwood. Without any chemical additives, it is highly effective in countering bacteria and moreover is environmentally friendly and 100 % biodegradable.

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