Canine Care Adjustable Nylon Dog Muzzle

Canine Care

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  • Restricts barking & biting
  • Allows drinking & panting
  • Nylon mesh for ventilation & comfort
  • Adjustable with quick release buckle
Sizes (Guide Only)
1 - Tiny dogs e.g. yorkies, miniature poodles, cavalier spaniels, miniature dachshunds
2 - Whippets, west highland terriers, jack russells, standard dachshunds, king charles spaniels
3 - Border collies, beagles, springer and cocker spaniels, standard poodles
4 - Labradors, boxers, german shepherds, dobermans, setters, retrievers, bull terriers
5 - Rottweilers, bull mastiffs, larger dogs e.g. wolthounds, great danes, pyreneans, bloodhounds, st. bernards

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