Aquasonic Ichonex White Spot Remedy - Aquarium & Fish Tank 250 ml



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Assists in the treatment of whitespot and velvet disease in freshwater aquaria. Aquasonic Ichonex assists in the treatment of whitespot (Ichthyophirius multifillis) disease, without the toxic effects of conventional treatments and without staining. Ichonex (a copper based product) has a proven track record for effective control of whitespot infections in fish. The copper component is more toxic at low pH, so keep pH above 7.5. Observe copper levels using Aquasonics Copper Test Kit. Raising the temperature by 2-3 degree celsius will also assist with shortening the life cycle of the parasite thereby targeting the affected stage of ich life cycle, more effectively. Dose Rate: 5mL per 40 litres on day 1. On days 2 &; 3 at 1/2 of the initial rate (2.5mL/40L). To maximise result, 1/2 the daily dosage, adding it to the tank twice (morning and night). 

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