Anitone for Animal Vitality 1 Litre



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Anitone is highly water soluble, and is designed for oral use which can be in a variety of ways to suit many operations. • May be used as an oral drench and mixes well with most water soluble commercial drenches and will not damage drench gun rubbers, animal’s mouths or human skin as is a completely natural product. • May be poured over feed rations, or mixed through them  – either pour over the total ration (calculate per head dose or use at 5% ration),  or can be poured or sprayed onto hay, or sprayed over grain via a grain applicator, (standard rate to spray into grain of 10 litres liquid per ton,  using 5 litres Anitone mixed with 5 litres water) • May be added to drinking water wherever there is good flow through watering systems, and may be added to overhead tanks or distributed into sheds and troughs, providing water is not allowed to become stagnant. If added to drinking water, use at rate of 2%, or calculate dose per head according to known water consumption. • Is useful as a single shotgun dose if not convenient to give regularly, but works best when adapted to frequent and regular doses, at least once or twice weekly if possible. May also be given daily to show and performance animals, or animals that are in recovery or subjected to repeatedly stressful conditions. Dose Rates for Anitone Cattle over 300kg 20-40ml Calves under 300kg 10-20ml Sheep, goats, alpaca 5-15mls Pigs Adults 10-20mls Piglets 5-10 mls Adults 10-20mls Horses over 300kg – 20-40mls Under 300kg 10-20mls Chickens 0.5-1ml – excellent for egg production and show chickens Water Rates 1-2% or calculate per head basis Available in 1L, 5L,10L and 20L

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